What is StartPoint ?

       StartPoint is a platform that combines various entertainment and sports complexes together as well as serves individual and cooperative customers through its mobile application and website.Due to the lack of search and comparison system for sports complexes, people are often being uninformed. The main target of the StartPoint is overcoming this problem and makes sports complexes closer to people. In addition, StartPoint stimulate people to healthier life.StartPoint has been started s with a 15-person service team at the beginning, continues to be developed day by day to provide the best service to its users.

What is the benefit of being a StartPoint user?

Using of the services of the most convenient and nearest complex via “Mobile Application” with a single registration;
Get detailed information about campaigns;
Save your time and money;
Make a choice on a fair and comfortable platform;
Track your service packages and entries;

What is the benefit of being a StartPoint partner?

Opportunity to gain a new customer base;
Comprehensive information, advertising and brand promotion from the StartPoint;
Secure and Trusted online payment system;
Assistance in measuring customer satisfaction;
Helps to collabaration of gyms and companies;
Opportunities to companies for managing their benefit systems and making connection with sport complex;